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While many creameries and farmers markets are associated with their fresh produce and seasonal goods, there are many food favorites that are available year round – and always on our grocery list for the week! 

We encourage you to take advantage of the local goodies your area has to offer. For those in the Central Pennsylvania area, Country Sunrise Creameries has all of these favorites and many others for you to choose from. By shopping locally, you support your local economy and know exactly where your food comes from. We care for our customers just as we would our own family, and ensure every product is of the highest quality, sourced fresh, and delicious, of course! 

The next time you swing into your local creamery or market, be sure to get your hands on these five favorites: 

1. Raw Milk

While milk is delicious to drink and perfect for growing children, milk is also a staple for many people who love to bake. Toss it over your cereal in the morning, enjoy a glass with your afternoon sandwich, and create a luxurious dessert batter by adding milk. 

Beyond just local milk, we highly recommend looking for raw milk if possible. Raw milk is celebrated for assisting people in fighting many chronic conditions, and many people who are lactose intolerant can drink raw milk because there are bacteria (the good kind!) in the milk that breaks down the lactose. Even the pickiest of eaters enjoy the taste and flavor. 

2. Your favorite cheese

At Country Sunrise Creamery, we craft our cheese with fresh milk from grass-fed cows, to provide authentic flavor, complex cream, and local terroir. Markets and creameries are perfect for sourcing cheese you can’t find in just any grocery store. 

From cheddars and pepperjacks to more specialty blends, cheese is the perfect compliment to a glass of wine or delicious crackers.

3. A sweetener of your choice

We don’t mean granulated sugar or Splenda. We’re talking about local honey, syrups, and other alternative sweeteners. These sweeteners can be used in baked goods, over yogurt, in coffee, or even on a fresh slice of toasted bread. Wherever you like your sweets, these local finds are a wonderful alternative to what you may currently be using – which can also include some unwanted chemicals or ingredients. 

It can be very difficult to avoid foods that have been over-processed, sprayed with chemicals, etc. Your friends at Country Sunrise Creamery make sure our neighbors who provide us with the products we sell are not using any of those things.

4. Protein

Whatever meals you have planned for the week, protein is probably somewhere on that list. Unless you’re plant-based, meat options for you are endless at your local market. From fresh beef to succulent steaks, you can taste the difference in your meat when you know where it came from and how it was raised. 

Our grass fed cows, turkey, and chicken are raised on pastures and rotated regularly to ensure we’re taking care of them and the land. They’re never fed with GMOs or growth hormones, given antibiotics, or grazed on artificial pesticides. This creates the highest quality, nutrition-packed proteins for you to enjoy. We know you’ll taste the difference, too!

5. Granola

We love that granola is another item that can be used in many different ways, and it doesn’t have to be eaten all in one week. Granola will keep in your pantry for many uses and can be a great add on to yogurt, cereal, ice cream, and many other meals. 

Our creamery has a variety of granola options available for all of your different preferences. From blueberry almond and vanilla to Grandma’s peanut butter blend, you’ll find the perfect flavor for your taste. 

Visit Country Sunrise Creamery

Country Sunrise Creamery is located in Myerstown, PA, and offers these items and more to our customers. We would love to see your smiling face out at the farm for our local friends, but for those not in the area, we also offer online options shipped directly to your door. To visit our online shop, you can check us out here

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