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Our cows are always on the move at Country Sunrise Creamery, and we make it a priority to take care of them, so they do the same in return to our customers and community. But, did you know that the way our cattle move isn’t just an unplanned occurrence? We actually put a great deal of planning into how they graze and where they wander. 

Beyond simply allowing our cattle to graze, we are taking an approach of silvopasture. Silvopasture is the deliberate integration of trees and grazing livestock operations on the same land. We have planted several hundred trees, including honey locust, black locust, black walnut, several species of willow, chestnut, Heartnut, apple, pear, Elderberry, and even persimmons. The trees benefit the animals and the animals give back to the trees – win, win. 

How It Works

Our team strategically moves our cows throughout the pasture depending on when each area goes to seed. Our goal is to move the herd onto pieces of the field just before they go to seed to ensure the grass gets the deepest root growth possible without compromising the feed quality for our animals. This is a critical step in carbon sequestration. 

To do this, our team sets up new fences and guides the cattle across the pasture. This process is repeated as different areas of the pasture prepare to seed. As a result, the cattle get the richest nutrients, and the grass grows as strong as possible for future generations. 

This practice is known as intensive rotational grazing, and while it does require more planning and intentionality with our cows, we believe it is well worth the benefits. Part of our mission is to provide our community with local, organic, low-impact food production that is healthy for our people and sustainable for our animals and farm.

Healthy Cows

Our Cows are primarily grass-fed, meaning they have a very positive impact on the environment and are also healthier. In addition, healthy cows produce healthy offspring and products, including milk, yogurt, and other dairy favorites. 

Healthy Community

Intensive grazing practices give our animals continual access to fresh pasture to eat and lots of regular exercise, which keeps them healthy. Giving our cattle the highest quality of life we can is also ultimately better for you, providing your body with nutrients and vitamins directly from meat and other products. 

In an age of modern transport and food that could be coming from anywhere in the world, Country Sunrise Creamery gives you the option to know where the food you eat comes from and ensure it is pesticide-free. 

Healthy Ecosystem

As our cows mow down the grasses, the plants’ root systems expand underground, improving water retention, reducing flooding, and sequestering carbon. The animals’ hooves also press seeds into the ground, helping continue the circle of life. This demonstrates how our grazing practices are beneficial to our lands, too. 

Our goal is to provide our community with a direct connection to where their food was produced and make a great effort to connect to our customers, so we all can enjoy quality relationships with our surrounding community: the people, the animals, and the land. 

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