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When it comes to any purchases in your life, the cost of a transaction versus the item’s actual value can differ greatly. While we all have different values, priorities, and budgets, the real value of what you eat goes far beyond the price tag sticker. 

What is the real cost of shopping at your local creamery compared to a less-than-satisfactory other food store? We’re sharing how the value far outweighs the cost. 

1.Invest in your health 

While organic foods can sometimes be a buzzword, local creameries like Country Sunrise offer lots of fresh and healthy items to support a well-balanced diet. Our non-GMO items provide you with much more nutrition than processed foods you can purchase at a grocery store, from nutrient-dense fruit to pesticide and herbicide-free vegetables. 

When you choose to shop fresh and eat organic, you are making a conscious investment in yourself and your family’s health. 

2. Know where your food is coming from 

Unlike grocery stores, you know exactly where your food comes from when you get your groceries at local creameries and farms. With locally sourced foods and environmentally friendly practices, you can have peace of mind knowing your food is produced in your local community. Never question again if your Avocados are really from Mexico or if your produce seems too good to go true (because it probably is genetically modified). 

3. Support your local community and economy 

If health and organic choices aren’t at the top of your priority list, supporting your local community and economy might be. When you support local farmers and creameries, your choice to shop locally puts that money right back into those families and farms. This helps keep local economics healthy, allows these farms and creameries to grow with your financial contribution, and you can see the direct impact your purchases make (as efficient and impressive as it might seem, a mega-dairy is not an endearing place to be or have in your neighborhood). 

4. Choose health over convenience 

While grocery stores may seem convenient, shopping at local farms doesn’t have to be a hardship for you. We encourage you to schedule your grocery shopping trips directly into your calendar, stop by local farms for groceries when you’re already in the area, and understand that the convenient, processed options aren’t usually the healthiest ones. Instead, choose to invest in your health and find the actual value of putting the important things first.

The higher cost of not shopping at local farms and creameries is the trade-off of fresh local foods for processed, less healthy options that don’t support your local community. 

Visit Country Sunrise Creamery

If you’re looking to shop locally in the Lancaster, PA area, Country Sunrise Creamery is a wonderful place to get your groceries. And for those outside of the area or who don’t have time to stop by the store, you can also order directly online

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